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Martin Abraham

With over 15 years in higher education leadership, including service as a Dean, Provost, and President, I am well versed in many current educational issues, including enrollment, retention, the student experience, and social justice. In my more than 30 years of total academic experience I have partnered with business leaders, community organizations, and government entities to develop new technologies in sustainability and sustainable energy. I have used my own experience developing corporate and community partnerships to provide opportunities for faculty and students to gain real world experience, while also honing my skills in communicating technical issues to a broad audience. My training as a chemical engineer, coupled with the breadth of my experiences, allows me to evaluate system-level approaches to sustainable energy technologies.

My combination of experience in both higher education leadership and sustainability along with my systems level thinking can offer an outside perspective that will help you solve the most complex issues of your organization. Want to experience the expertise that I can provide? Give me a call today and let’s discuss how I can serve your needs.

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