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Educational Leadership

With over 15 years in educational leadership, I have completed many projects to advance the educational mission of my organization. Beyond the direct administrative activity, I have partnered with community organizations to bring my educational knowledge to a broad range of opportunities. My experience will allow me to help you evaluate your needs, assess the potential for growth, and target your effort to the preferred audience. 

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Leadership in a changing world

Detailed educational knowledge balanced by political and economic reality has provided the basis through which we approach our work.  We build the right team to address the challenge. Working partnerships lead to practical solutions.  During my over 15 years experience in a variety of leadership roles, I have increased enrollment and retention, expanded international partnerships, invested in online programs, developed diversity  initiatives, increased research funding and promoted technology transfer, and led curricular reform that emphasized hands-on applied learning. Against this backdrop of prior success, you can be assured of my capability to manage your project to a successful conclusion.

STEM Education

For over 30 years, I have taught throughout the engineering curriculum, engaged in outreach with K-12 partners, and led curricular reform. I have led reform in the engineering curriculum to promote greater success for all learners and smooth transitions through STEM pathways. Through our efforts to bring hands-on STEM modules into the classroom, I have developed learning tools that allow students to gain practical hands-on experience in engineering design, engaged with partner companies to develop new markets, created content for K-12 applications, and supported the development of teacher professional development to accompany learning modules. My breadth of experience in STEM education for all learners can help you to understand market opportunities for your educational technologies.


Grant writing and publication support

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Getting your grant funded takes more than a good idea. Getting your paper published takes more than a successful result. Preparing these written documents so that they can be accepted is both an art and a science. I have generated over $16 million in sponsored grants and written over 100 technical and non-technical publications. I can help guide you through the process, review your materials, and increase your likelihood of success. Whether it's having someone to bounce ideas off, discussing program alternatives, developing the structure, or reviewing your presentation or written documents, my extensive experience can support your project and bring about a successful conclusion.

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