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Areas of Opportunity

Working Together to Achieve Excellence

Martin Abraham Giving Speech


People, prosperity, and the planet. As engineers, we understand the challenges of creating energy in a usable format to meet the expectations of the consumer, the challenges of producing food and its associated supply chain.  Working from a life cycle perspective, we describe the systems-level interactions critical in today's society.  Awareness of climate change, adaptation, and resiliency allow us to understand the value of technology in meeting your needs.

Fuel Cells and alternative energy

Research and technology development in the applications of fuel cells for the generation of electricity.  Our primary focus has been on the conversion of resources to produce hydrogen, with an emphasis on the stability of the catalyst system.  New technologies that consider the use of 3D printing to make fuel cell materials is being explored.

Martin Abraham Wearing a YSU polo posng
Martin Abraham with Anderson Cooper

Leadership in a changing world

Technical knowledge balanced by political and economic reality has provided the basis through which we approach our work.  We build the right team to address the challenge. Working partnerships lead to practical solutions.  With over 15 years in a variety of leadership roles, I bring the experience needed to manage a project to a successful conclusion.


An experienced academic administrator with a focus on faculty development, interdisciplinary collaboration, corporate and community engagement, shared governance, and inclusivity as the foundation for student success. Over 30 years teaching experience provides the tools to create content for all stages of learners, and to complete appropriate assessment that demonstrates the success of our effort. 

Martin Abraham at Commencement
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